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A Warm Winters Tale

by Jimmy D (Author)

Kylie Winters is not your everyday woman. She, now being in her fifties, is all alone in life aside from her dog Ash that is anyway. She has no siblings or parents living any longer; there are no children keeping her busy. She does not have really many friends to speak of either, seeing as how she shares little with the socialites of the day. A good friend seems hard to come by. For Kylie her good friends have always been her books. That is where she can find the worlds that she longs to be in. One night while working late in Mr. Hadley’s book shop, something strange happens that leads Kylie on to exciting adventures. But who is behind these intriguing experiences, and what is there true agenda?





Jake, The Doctor

“Yes, eight floors and all are the hospitals.”
“Good, just imagine you are on the eighth floor and it caught fire, how would you escape?”
“That is very simple, I will simply stop my imaginations or rather I will not allow my imaginations get to that point.”
“So, you know this is a hospital and you would be coming across things like the body’s composition and all. So, what is a skeleton?”
“Well sir, a skeleton is one who started dieting and forgot to stop.”
“If there were to be liquid on the hospital floor and you are going through it, what would you do to avoid falling or getting hurt?”
“I will simply ride with the tide and not struggle against it.”
“Well, I have never thought of that before myself. That is a weird but intelligent answer.”